2 min Breakfast Recipes To Lose Weight

In this busy life many a time we don't have time to prepare our breakfast. So we just skip it. Well do you know breakfast is the most important meal of the day and skipping it can cause many diseases and can also make you feel fatigue, sick and lessen your energy and immunity level. Don't miss it, well for you people bringing some easy 2 minute breakfast recipes which are healthy, full of nutrition and takes hardly 2 minutes to prepare and will help you to manage weight too: 

1. Oats Peanut Butter Smoothie

So here we are going to make a delicious protein smoothie which is full of nutrients and easy to prepare:
In a blender, Add:
1 tbsp Oats,
1 Banana,
Half a Glass Milk,
Half a Glass Water
1 tbsp Peanut Butter
And a scoop of any good protein powder.
Likewise, it is already sweet as it has banana but for more sweetness you can add honey or 2 Sugar Free Tablets or 1 spoon Brown sugar or some Stevia.
Try it, Trust me its scrumptious and full of protein.

Calories: 300 cal

2. Simple Meal

Well for all those who hate cooking and are lazy like me can go for this simple ready meal just take a hot glass of milk with an Apple and 1 toast. For more nutrition you can apply 1 tbsp of almond or peanut butter over it.

calories: 300 cal

3. Chia Drink

For all those who want some light food or want to lose weight can go for this amazing power packed chia drink with some dry fruits likewise just mix 1 tbsp chia seeds in a glass of water. Soak it for 2-3 hours. Just have it along with some almonds, walnuts and dates.

Calorie: 100 cal

4. Dry Fruit Milk

 It is the most convenient and tastiest breakfast of winter season. Just soak some dry fruits like few almonds, walnuts, fig overnight. Next morning put all this in a blender, add some seeds( chia , pumpkin, flax) and 1 or 2 seedless dates and blend it. In the end top it with some honey. This is my favorite winter breakfast. You may add some milk or fruits also. 

Calorie: 200 cal

5.Masala Oats

I don't think oats need any introduction. We all know it is the healthiest food containing insoluble fiber and omega 3 fatty acids. Well these days many good brands have come up with 2 mins masala oats or oats upma. It hardly takes a minute to prepare them. If you are one of those persons who need something Namkeen in the breakfast then this is the best option for you. It is tasty and has many different flavors like: Masala twist, Veggie twist, Pongal, Pav bhaji flavor for every day of the week.Have it hot with some curd. 

Calorie: 150-200 cal


All the cornflakes and milk lovers can go for muesli flakes. It is one of the healthiest and tastiest version of cereals. You can make a milk cereal bowl by adding muesli in milk with some fruit or dry fruit topping or can simple sprinkle muesli on a big fruit bowl . It is delicious and keeps you full for hours.

Calorie: 150-300 cal


Well easiest of all.. If you don't have any time or you don't want to cook anything, Just cut 2 bananas and sprinkle some black pepper over it and your nutritious breakfast is ready. Trust me it won't increase your weight as banana on an empty stomach helps in weight loss.

Calories: 210 cal

So these were the few 2 min breakfast recipes...Just try this and let us know its taste in the comment section below.


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