Best Places to Visit in Noida

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Noida, the most planned city of India is primarily famous for its shopping malls, street market, wildlife sanctuary and yes for heavy traffic too. It is a standout amongst the most composed and wonderful provinces of Uttar Pradesh. Clean Roads, Big Noida Expressway and beautiful physical infrastructure makes this place a must watch. There are a lot of places here, Where you can visit. Here presenting you with some special ones:  

1. Atta Market

It is the largest and most economical market of  Noida where you will find a variety of things be it:  Decoration pieces, gifts, clothes, accessories etc. Here everything is pretty low priced. No matter with what budget you visit here, you always end up buying plenty of stuff.

Likewise, Here you can find Branded Tops for hardly 200 INR, Shoes for 300-400 INR, Pure Leather jackets for just 650 bucks and accessories like watches in 100 INR, Jewellery and cosmetics for almost on one-fourth rate of actual MRP. There are plenty of shops here.
Moreover, in the evening you will find stalls of food in this market and for hassle-free shopping they have a website where you can check which product is available at which shop and in what price? Isn't this amazing?

Budget- No budget, even in 1000 INR you can get plenty of stuff.
Time: You can roam around for hours and hours if you are  shopaholic like me.
Specialty: Watches, Clothes and ya do try famous fried momos.

2. The Great India Place

 source: CC BY-SA 4.0
It is one of the largest malls in India. Even it has a position in top 10 malls of India. Having more than 238 brands under one roof, this place is a paradise for shopaholics like me. When I went there, I just couldn't stop myself and end up buying a lot of stuff and spending a lot of money too. The best part is that they have a huge fun zone where you can drop your kids and continue with your shopping peacefully. The dine-in arrangement is also good and many a time on special occasions, they organize one or another event.

Main Attraction- Time to Time events, Moti Mahal and Sagar Ratna for foodies and Meena Bazar , Allen Solly and Biba for happy shopping.

3. Worlds of Wonder

A big amusement and water park for kids sharing its boundary with The Great Indian Place is a must visit. It has more than twenty types of rides with small food outlets and a water park with thrilling rides. Moreover, soon they are going to start with Go karting too.

Most Thrilling Rides: Rockin roller
Best Food to Try: Pizza counter
Main Attraction: Rain dance in summers
Ticket Cost: 599 per kid and 749 per adult without water park.

4. Garden Galleria Mall

Also called the Entertainment city of Noida is pretty famous for organizing events with many singers, comedians, actors. It is a one stop entertainment place where you will find more than 100 brands of clothes and accessories to buy from, time to time events and ya a remarkable range of pubs and bars. For instance, Imperfecto pub is beautifully designed and has one of the finest dining on terrace and Smoke Factory is a standout amongst other bar in Noida with incredible feel and entirely great beverages and scrumptious nourishment. Their watermelon mojito is a must try and ya for all the tea and coffee lovers, they have a Starbucks and Chaayos too. Just go there, chill with your friends and  kill it.

Main Attraction -  Imperfecto, Starbucks, fashion shows, events and shopping.

You can visit these three places together as they all share their boundaries with each other. Spent 4-5 hours there and have fun. 

5. ISKCON Temple

Till now, we have seen malls, market, and restaurants. Now, let's think of god and visit this great Hindu temple called Iskcon Temple. A temple beautifully made displaying statues, a large spire, and a pretty good Govinda restaurant and Radha Rani bakery. When you will visit there you will find yourself in immense peace and relaxation.

Main attraction: 24 hour Ekidashi Kirtan, Aarti 

6. Some Fun Attractions in Noida

• Skii
Skii in a mall of India costing 1150 INR for 1 hour 45 minutes gives you an astounding experience.

• Gandola Ride
Gandola ride means artificial boating in Grand Venice Mall. The only place of India giving you the fun of boating in a mall costing 300 INR for 15 minutes.

Route To Visit 

Day 1
Visit Great Indian Place, World of Wonders, Galleria Mall, Iskcon temple and Go for Skii .... These are close to each other so there will be less expense of traveling.

Day 2
Go for shopping in Atta Market then go directly to Grand Venice mall for Gandola ride and other fun activities.

So this was a two-day visit to Noida if you know any other places to visit in Noida comment in the comment section below.


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