Famous Foods of 2018 For Fitness Freaks

2018 is an exceptional year as it has given us such a large number of things like winning of Congress in 3 Hindu states, share market touching 11000 points, Ranvir and Deepika got married, India got its 1st Women swat team and an epic Ambani wedding too. Likewise, this year has also witnessed many tasty diet recipes for all the health conscious and foodies like me. So here presenting the few: 

 1. Beetroot Chapati

Also called an iron chapatti, is a great substitute for your normal atta roti. It has lots of fibre, iron and is so tasty and light that it doesn't make you feel sluggish and keep you dynamic for the entire day. Try replacing it with your lunch chapati and see pounds dropping off your waist and for all the anemic it’s a must try.

Calories:58 calories

2.  Zucchini Noodles

Whenever on a diet, we badly crave for Chinese specially noodles, why not try a healthy version like zucchini or carrot noodles. You just need to invest a bit in a good spiral. Trust me it’s worth it, just try these noodles alone or just mixed it with some strands of whole wheat or semolina spaghetti. And yeah!  Your healthy noodles are ready.

Calories  - 20 calories per 100 grams of zucchini

3. Cauliflower Rice

For all the keto lovers, this is an extreme treat for your destitute cravings. Cauliflower rice is a low carbohydrate, low calorie and a fiber-rich food, unlike white rice, which are starchy and of high carbohydrates. If you are on a keto diet, then do try this and don't forget to add cream over it.

Calories - 25 kcal

4 .Quinoa

Quinoa is a gluten-free, and protein-rich super grain helps in fulfilling the daily requirement of protein in vegetarians and vegans. It has a crunchy and nutty taste. It can be used as an alternative while cooking many dishes, for instance:
Dish - Replacement
Rice Pulao - Quinoa Pulao
Poha - Quinoa Poha
Noodles in soup - Quinoa in soup
Bread Crumbs- cooked quinoa
You can also add Quinoa to your salads.

Calories - 222 per cup

5. Sweet Potato and Beetroot Burger 

At whatever point, consider a burger, what goes ahead psyche is calories, fried stuff like potato patties, sauces, buns, and all the other fattening stuff. Why not try making it healthy? Like making a patty out of sweet-potato and beet-root, utilizing hung curd instead of stuffing sauces and utilizing lettuce leaf rather than buns. Just make it, try it and tell us how it tastes?

Calories - 200 calories

6. Coconut Milk and Hung Curd

Yeah, yeah I know people use coconut milk for years, but this year a new trend has started that is of replacing mayo and heavy creams in a salad with coconut milk. Nowadays people replace mayo in sandwiches, salads and every other dish with hung curd to get rid of tires hanging out of the belly. 

Calories - 25 - 60 kcal 

7. Infused Waters

These days infuse waters are quite popular. Instead of opting for fruit juices or vegetable juices which takes plenty of time to get prepared people are opting for fruit or vegetable infused water. Just infuse your favorite fruit or vegetable in water and have it after a few hours, it's that simple!

Calories - zero kcal

8. Hibiscus Tea

We, as a whole, is exhausted with green tea and Last year's green coffee too. This year there is a new option called hibiscus tea. It’s an excellent coolant made up of hibiscus flower and possesses a flavor like red wine, and these days it's quite popular for weight loss.

Calories - Zero kcal

So instead of eating junk and gaining weight, why not start 2019 by trying these healthy foods.


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