Food Trip From Amritsar To Delhi

Dal Makhni, Chicken Korma, Paneer Tikka ....balle balle!!... Isn't this sounding mouth watering. Regardless of whether you are from Kashmir or Kanyakumari, Himachal or Kerala ..... If you are a foodie like me then do take a road trip from Amritsar to Delhi and try these famous restaurant and cuisines. I am sure it will satisfy all your cravings and you will end up gaining a few pounds too. So here taking you to this astonishing ride :

1. Kesar Dhabha, Amritsar

We, a group of four landed up at Amritsar International Airport at 8 am. It's quite a big airport with few shopping outlets where you can find almost everything from Punjabi jutti to Punjabi phulkari suits and there is one small shop of food also but its quite expensive. As soon as we check out, we hired a taxi and stared this aromatic journey from Amritsar to Delhi by road. Our 1st destination was Kesar Dhabha, Amritsar. At 9, we reached there. I was soo hungry that my stomach was literally growling. As soon as we sat we ordered for famous parantha Thali. It was soo delicious that whenever I think of it ... I still can feel its taste. Dal Makhani floating on ghee, Paneer and ya tasty Phirni at the end simply made my day.

Other Foods To Try: Lassi, Aloo Parantha, Tandoori chicken, Dal Makhni is the claim to fame.

Nearest Attractions: Golden Temple, Jallianwala bagh, Durgiana Temple.

Some Other Restaurants : Sanjha Pind, Bharawan Da Dhabha.

2. Haveli, Jalandhar

After having such a flavorsome breakfast, we left and proceed with our food journey and reached our next destination at 12 that is Haveli, which is situated on the outer of Jalandhar. We stopped there and had their special gur wali chai with some piping hot Jalebis. Haveli is a truly decent place to see Punjab's way of life. As you enter you will locate a counterfeit well, mannequin of ladies sewing, grinding Atta and some shops selling wooden decoration pieces, T-shirts with Punjabi slogans and a small game corner and many more. Food is tasty and inexpensive.

Other Foods To Try: Lassi, Chole Bhatura, saag and Makki ki Roti, Veg Thali.

Nearest Attractions: Akshardham Mandir, Tarlan saab, Jang-ae- Azad museum, Devi Talab Mandir, Go carting.

Some Other Restaurants: Lucky Dhabha, Subway, Patwari Dhabha.

3. Birju Burfiwala, Goraya

We left Haveli at 12:30 and after half an hour stopped at famous Birju Barfiwala and had yummy khoya barfi. It is small shop located under highway in Goraya where u get fresh and hot karahi wali khoya barfi. This barfi simply melts in my mouth. For all the sweet lovers its a jackpot for you. It was soo good that i even got it packed for home.

Other Foods To Try:Besan Barfi

Nearest Attractions: Hanuman Mandir and Shani gau in Phillaur

Some Other Restaurants Near It:Ashok barfiwala

4. Eagle, Rajpura

Around 3, we reached our next stop which is Eagle Motel in Rajpura. It's a big motel, in it they have a restaurant, a bar, a subway and ya a ccd too. They also have small outlets of toys, Paan, Saunfs, show pieces and kids zone attached to it. The food in the restaurant is very tasty and pretty expensive too.. So its better to take a sub from a subway and tea or coffee from restaurant or you can have some delectable Paneer Parantha with curd. We as a whole had some burgers as we were less ravenous.

Other Foods To Try: Eagle Special Chicken, Gobi Parantha.

Nearest Attractions: Wholesale suit markets in Ambala.

Some Other Restaurants Near It: Firangapani Country Resort.

5. Sukhdev Dhabha, Murthal

 At 7 we reached at Sukhdev Dhabha, Murthal and ya it was the dinner time too. Sukhdev Dhabha is famous for its Paranthas.We tried different types of parantha.. Be it aloo, paneer or mixed. They all were tremendously delicious. It was served with curd, butter and onions. At the end we ate jalebi in dessert.. It was soo yummy.

Other Foods To Try: ALL Paranthas.

Nearest Attractions: Jurasik Park in Sonipat.

Some Other Restaurants Near It:Mannat, Murthal Haveli, Neelkanth.

6. Karnal Haveli

At 9:30 we took a tea break and stopped at Haveli, Karnal. It is the very 1st Haveli of North. Built in traditional style, it is very large and beautiful. As soon as you enter you will find posters of Punjabi artists beautifully hanged on the wall and you will likewise discover numerous little shops of ice-cream, snacks, games, jewellery in the compound. Its clean, nice and ya they also offer rooms to stay. The food is delicious, but we have tea only as we were already done with the dinner part.

Other Foods To Try: Paranthas with Kadhi

Nearest Attractions:Karnal Lake

Some Other Restuarants Near It:Kewal Dhabha

7. Delhi

At midnight we reached Delhi and landed up directly into the hotel and saw nothing just dozed off.

So this was a trip where we had tried the most appetizing foods of North India... If you have ever been to any of these places do share your experience in the comment section below.


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