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So, finally landed on the "Devi AhilyaBaiAholkar” Indore airport, watched the famous Rajwada Palace and now roaming around in the religious and pious state of Mahadev! Feeling hungry?? Well, apart from the beautiful side scenes and moral, sacred places in Indore, there are loads of mouth-watering and flavorful foods which can satisfy your food cravings. Some of which are the following:

1. Bhutte Ka Kees

It's a super delicious dish in which Boiled and mashed sweet corns are tempered with spices and oil. When at the end it is garnished with grated coconut, its aroma makes you drool.

Cost: 50 INR
Place: Vrindawan Restaurant
Cuisine: For all the sweet tooth

2. Meetha Samosa

Have you ever thought of sugar in Samosa? Well, I haven't.Then this dish is a must try.  A customary Aloo Samoa loaded up with sugar and fiery sauces. You will find it syrupy and spicy both at the same time.

Cost: 20 INR
Place: Anand alu ki Kachori Balti whale
Cuisine: Tangy Food lovers 

3. Bhujia

Indore has so far most extensive assortments of Namkeen  I have ever seen. You will find plenty of Namkeens here, and I am sure if you binge on one, you will end up buying a lot. I found this on the Indore airport where I waited for almost an hour for the flight and end up spending a good 2000 bucks on Namkeens.

Cost: 100-250 INR
Place: Rattan Namkeens, Airport
Cuisine: For Savory taste buds

4. Poha

Though Poha is a dish of Maharashtra MP is no less in giving it different flavors. As a North Indian I had always thought of Poha as a Namkeen dish, but when I visited Indore, I realized Poha could be sweet too. Some people serve Poha with grated coconut, and some serve it with piping hot Jalebis. Trust me both will satisfy your sugar cravings.

Cost: 10-100 INR Depending on the place
Place: ChappanDukan
Cuisine: For Sweet Tooth

5. Garadu

I don't like Yam much; It's an uncommon vegetable. Many people have never heard of it, but Indians, they are so talented that they made a yummy dish out of it. Fried Garadu served with spices in chilly winters lit you up.

Cost:50 INR
Place: You can find it nearly in every restaurant during winters.
Cuisine: All those who like slightly spicy food

6. Malpua

Till this time I have heard of Malpua in many movies, latest in that Akshay Kumar's song ''mere liye Malpue bna dena" but never tried it. Finally, I went to Indore and got a chance to taste this delicious pancakes drowned in sugar syrups. I just keep on eating this and gained a few inches

Cost: 50-300 INR
Place: Apnasweets, Sarafa Bazaar, any sweet shop
Cuisine: For all the sweet lovers 

  7.Meethi Kachori

 As a Punjabi, I had always tried kachori with Channa, its one of my favorite snacks. Spicy Kachori fried in Desi ghee is super tasty, but MP has added its flavor by adding sugar in it and making it tangy and sugary at the same time. We call it khasta tikhi meethi kachori.

Cost: 20 INR
Place: Anand Alu Kachori Balti Wala
Cuisine: Spicy Lovers

8. Sarafa Special Sandwich

We love having bread with butter, jam, peanut butter, and even almond butter, but ever thought of adding Nutella in it. Well, I never had. A sandwich loaded up with heaps of Nutella and chocolate flavorings tastes super chocolaty. It got it named from famous Sarafa Bazaar of Indore. For all the chocolate lovers you are simply gonna love it.

Cost: 50-100 INR
Place: Sarafa Bazaar
Cuisine:For chocolate Lovers

9. Handi Ki Sabzi

There are a few days when we don't feel like eating anything. So we mix all the vegetables like carrot, capsicum, peas, potato and eat it. What if all these vegetables are first fried and then mixed with tempting tadka made out of garlic, chilies, ghee, and some onions and tomatoes. Try this tasty Sabzi with whole wheat naan or chapattis.

Cost: 90-200 INR
Place: Any restaurant
Cuisine: For spicy and tangy lovers

Few Tips:

For all those foodies who have a sweet tooth will fall in love with Indore cuisines, but if you don't like sweet at all then instead of traditional food just go to subway, SagarRatna and dominos or other international food outlets.
You must try different Namkeens, Handi ki Sabzi with Naan, Garadu, Papdi Chaat and for all the calorie conscious people just take a break and enjoy. Don't count the calories just roam around and burn it.
For all those who are night owls like me, you must go to Sarafa Bazaar where you can find every dish. It’s the best food street bazaar you will find in whole of the India. It has approximately 194 stalls of food, begins after 8 pm till morning. In the morning it is converted into a jewelry market. Spare some time at night and drown yourself in the world of flavorsome food.


  1. Never visit to indore but reading this i will... Surely👌

  2. I wish i had that magic pencil same like boy have in shakalaka boom boom serial....i will draw these dishes and it would be there alive infront of me....;)

  3. Garadu is my favourite. And I totally agree with Namkeens. U can get the best namkeens in Indore. Indore is a city of lots of yummy delicacies.
    P.s. I liked your blog

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