Triund- An Unplanned Journey

All these 18 years of my existence, I’ve been reading  stuff about unplanned trips and the mind-boggling things that take place in it, and, thankfully, Triund stood up to all of those expectations. It was a Friday night; some things weren’t in my favor, I just wanted to take a break from everything I was going through. So, I decided to take a day off and planned a weekend trip to Mcleodganj. You must know this place if you are an Indian.

7:00 AM in the morning, bags packed, Gur and Sim waiting outside my home. Ready to go,
" All will be ok," I said to myself
I feel traveling is the best way to divert your mind from negative aspects.  It brings out the best version of yourself.
It took us around four and a half hours to reach there. We parked the car in one of the paid parking lots.
“What's next now?” a question arises in my mind.

We were tired and hungry, so we went to a bar. I have never had a drink before. There was a bit of hesitation before drinking, but I seemingly erased all the unnecessary thoughts from my mind, had a sip, and it didn’t taste good at all. Then I look at my friends with anger more than surprise, that why on earth are you even drinking this poison, it doesn’t even taste good. After a moment of silence, 
"You’ll get to know very soon,” says Sim.

Now, the next task was to find a good hotel as our mind skipped this booking part. It was early July, and a bit too much of crowd. Most Hotels were already Pre-booked, and the left ones were overpriced. After hours of searching, we found one; then we stayed there without any second thought. Around 8:00 AM in the morning, while I was sleeping like a child, Gur and Sim planned something very evil.

They spilled a bucket half filled with water, as cold as ice, on me. I got frost so badly that my body didn’t respond for a second and then I  just started shouting, and instead of apologizing, they recorded a video of me. Friends embarrass you in every way possible, I tell you!

After that, we went for sight-seeing. We captured so many beautiful shots. But, unfortunately, while roaming around a monkey steal our camera. Undoubtedly, it was the most heartbreaking moment. In need to recover from the shock, we planned out for Triund, place famous for Trekking and hired a taxi from Mcleodganj to Dharamkot. We didn’t have the necessary items for trekking except for a bottle of rum. ( I had shoe boxes in my bag. You must be laughing at me. But that was my love for my shoes.)  Anyway, If you ever plan out for Triund do take necessary items with you.

Now, the trek begins. We didn’t have any idea of how long it was gonna take to reach the peak. I asked people about the average reaching time, and the answers were three to four hours.But it took us good six hours to reach. There were around 4-5 food outlets in the way. Only Maggi and some other packed eatables were available. The moment we reached there, it got dark, and it started raining heavily. It was hard to find some shelter, but we found a tea shop. Visibility level was very low, and we couldn’t enjoy any view at that time. As the rain slowed down, we started looking for our tents.

We rested for a while, came out of our tents, it was already night. No lights, no electricity, no networks. I felt like an early man, trying to survive.  As it was my first trek, it was a bit hard to adjust in the tent, sleeping bags were just too uncomfortable. Gur and Sim slept after a while. Now I had no one to talk to. After a couple of minutes, I heard some strange sounds. It was probably of some animals roaming around the tents. That was scary. I couldn’t sleep the whole night. I managed to pass my time anyhow.

 5:00 AM in the morning, I get out of my tent in search of the network which I didn't found. I thought of waking up Sim and Gur, but that wasn’t the right time. I walked around for a while - everything was just too beautiful from there.  At 7:00 am I woke them up, and we packed our bags

 “Time to go back home,” I said. I made some friends on the way back. It was good to get along with people; I didn’t know.  No judgments, and, positive mindsets. Nothing crazy happened while coming back, and I was thankful. If we talk about the trek difficulty level, I will give it an 8 out of 10.  It was wonderful to be there. I made a lot of good memories. And that's what we live for, good memories! Right?

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