Drinking wine is more important than exercise?

No one plans to live forever, but each one of us would love to live a long life. A glass of wine can add more candles to your birthday cake. Various studies have been done on the secret to living a long life, but the study of 2003 was named mainly as The 90+ study.

Two glasses of wine a day:

Researchers have stated in the study that people who drank around two glasses of wine a day have fewer chances of premature death. Modest drinking is one of the secrets of life longevity.

90+ Study:

In 2003, to know the secret of a long life a study was done named The 90+ Study. Two glasses of wine a day may cut around 18% chances of premature death, also exercising 15 to 45 minutes per day may reduce 11% chances of death according to the study.
To boost longevity even weight played its role. People who were not obese but slightly overweight have 3% fewer chances of early death.
Researchers used the data from the study done in 1981 known as The Leisure World Cohort Study (LWCS). There were two types of tests done on the participants annually namelyneurological and neurophysiological tests. Also, the information related to diet, medications, medical history, activities and lifestyle habits were collected by the researchers in the study. The finding through this study was that those who drank moderately lived longer compared to other people.


Francisco Nunez Olivera was one of the oldest men in the world – 113 years old recently died. He used to drink a glass of red wine every day. To celebrate a century of life there are two mantras: Two glasses of wine a day and getting fat (but not too fat). Thus, drinking wine is more important than exercise.

- Utkarsh Ashutosh

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