How To Plan Out a healthy dinner date with your valentine?

February is popularly known as the month of love. When the month arrives we see every nook and corner of the city decorated wonderfully with decorative pieces that are red in color. Valentine’s is celebrated with your loved ones. Be it your spouse, parents, best friends or an individual who holds a very special place in your heart. This auspicious day in 2019 arrives on Thursday. We are sure that you would definitely not want to celebrate this day to an extent where you will go drop dead on alcohol. It would be a nightmare to have a FOMO moment at work on a TGIF.

Here’s a way you could plan out for a dinner date in a healthy way with your loved one.

1. Get out early from work

Plan your day well from the start. Make sure you complete all your deadlines so that you can get out a little quickly from the work.

2. Keep your Valentine informed

 Always make sure you book your valentine’s time slot. We agree people love surprises, but a few of them can cause inconvenience too. To express the fact about how eagerly you are looking forward to spending time with them. 

3. Experiment with cooking
The key to a woman and a man’s heart is through the stomach. Hush Hush!! Food brightens up anyone’s mood. Does not matter if you are a good cook or not. 

  • You could try with dipping strawberries in chocolate syrup and cool it in the refrigerator until it settles.
     Cut heart-shaped bread slices. Apply tomato ketchup over it. Garnish it with some capsicums, baby corn and mushrooms. Apply a coat of cheese over it. Microwave it until it bakes.
   For the main course, you can grill some chicken or tofu with mustard oil and add a blend of walnut sauce to it. Add some stir-fried veggies to the platter.

P.S: Pack all the delicacies and place them in your car.

4. Go shopping

 Whoever says I hate gifts, is a liar. People feel loved when they are showered with gifts. If you are confused about picking something special. Take them around and enjoy the time spent in shopping.

5. Plan a short drive

Get away from the daily chaos of the traffic and get to the highway. Feel the pleasure of driving on a straight road. While doing this listen to some romantic numbers.

6. Park yourselves

Find a spot. We understand it might be slightly uncomfortable to eat in the car. But, your partner will surely ignore it considering the efforts put in to make the date a memorable one. Relish the savories cooked.

You don’t need a Taj Falaknama for a perfect date. Happiness dwells in little pleasures. Happy valentine’s day. 

- Utkarsh Ashutosh

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