Insights of Udaipur

Udaipur - The one stop destination to explore cultural beauty and heritage

Whenever people try to scan the Indian map to plan a trip that     shows us the cultural beauty and heritage of the country,  “Udaipur” never goes unnoticed. Udaipur is located in the  southern part of Rajasthan. This town comprises a ravishing  lakeside view. This bustling city will get your eyes lost as it  combines the rich heritage of the country. 

  A delight for couples

Udaipur is popularly known as one of the most romantic places in the country on a contrary to the strong religious roots it follows. From spotting devotees taking a bath asking pardon for their karma to spotting rich architecture of the ancient times, this town has it all. As a tourist, you will be overwhelmed to see small temples in every street you walk. The faith people have is remarkable.

The City of Palace has a lot to offer

When visiting Udaipur kick-start your journey by taking a boat ride on the waters of Lake Pichola. This ride will lead you to the City Palace which stands strong and tall spreading aura to the surrounding. The city is well known for the Sheesh Mahal and Zenana Mahal which has the rich mosaic designs all over the place. The history gets strengthened when one visits the open air museum which has dozens of vehicles flaunted all over the place. If you want to carry the rich heritage of the city with you while going home spot for the stalls outside the Palace. Do not stop yourself from getting your hands on the aromatic perfumes, tea, tiny antics etc. 

Greenery and gardens for the nature lovers

An evening spent at the garden centre is an escape into a landscape. The courtyard was designed for women. It is said that women empowered men in the medieval era. They had that their own spots to entertain and have the joy of being entertained. When you go a drive away from the City Palace you will spot the Sajjan Garh. The place is now renamed as Monsoon palace. The then King along with his family would move to this place to enjoy summers. However, it is said that this palace is built at the top of the hill so that the King would get a clear view of his ancestral home. 

Food of the royal land

It is highly recommended to try the food available in this royal land.  Since the weather is hot people prefer consuming food items that are cooling for the body. The millets grown in this region are exported throughout the world. The food available at cafés is economical and healthy for the body. Their properties cool down the body system. The quirkiness in the cafes will coax you to spend time amongst the classy furnishings and décor. 

Hotels with view

Two popular hotels in this area are the Taj Lake Palace. This destination is located in the middle of the lake on the other side The Leela Palace has an impeccable river view.

Udaipur should be surely amongst the list of people who wish to see and witness cultural diversity. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world and the best part is that you get a royal aura within yourself when you are at the city of palaces.

- Utkarsh Ashutosh

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