Make a pickle bouquet for your Valentine

Pickle bouquet is not only creative but also more beautiful than red roses and healthier than a box of chocolate for your valentine. Grillo’s Pickles company have come up with an idea of pickle bouquet.

Pickle Bouquet for your pregnant friend

Pickle bouquet will be a very practical, unique and healthy gift for your friend if she is pregnant this Valentine’s Day. They not only sound delicious but also very delicious all around. 

Instructions for a pickle-themed bouquet 
Let’s make a pickle-themed bouquet for your Valentine. Ingredients include:
Cucumbers, salt, dill, garlic, water, grape leaves, and vinegar. To add an extra flare to your bouquet, you can use a floral foam, a tissue paper or a vase with fresh dill, greenery and red or any colorful ribbon.

Grillo’s Pickle Bouquet
    • Prepare bunch of bouquet in your desired size spearing the pickles on your skewers.
    • Use floral foam to stick the skewers to prepare pickle bouquet in a vase.
    • Fresh herbs, colorful peppers can be used to garnish the bouquet.

Pickle bouquet on social media

Pickle bouquet has become gargantuan on social media. Many of the pickle bouquet fans have commented on twitter with sentences like:
“If my boyfriend knows me, then he will get me a pickle bouquet this year.”
“I will be utterly jealous if any of my friends get a pickle bouquet this year and I don’t.”
Although pickle bouquet is not readily available, it can easily be prepared with delicious taste and beautiful look.

2019 is molding up to be the year of bizarre Valentine’s Day Bouquet. Are you surprised with unusual Valentine’s Day bouquet? I am not and even less surprise that this bouquet is the creation of pickle company named Grillo’s Pickle. It’s a unique Valentine’s Day Gift.

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