Melt your valentine's heart with these 10 amazing valentines day deserts

Valentine's day is approaching soon and Cupid is doing the rounds. But to help cupid work you also need to put in some hard work. Not exactly hard work but sweet work. Let me explain. Well, it is rightly said that the way to a man's heart, here it can even be a woman, is through their stomach. So what better way to impress your valentine than a dessert. The sweet tooth is more closely connected to the heart, honestly! So here are 10 amazing, mouthwatering, valentines day deserts that you can try out to make your beloved fall in love with you all over again.

1. The Chocolate Soaked Cookie Dough Valentine Hearts

This edible chocolate soaked cookie dough is just so simple. Simply use a heart-shaped cookie cutter in the dough and drop it into the melted milk chocolate. Yummy.. Sounds delicious just while describing it. 

2. Italian Love Cake

This Italian love cake is so rich and moist! If you wish to add more love to it, you can create the top sprinkles with a red, pink or white coating. You can even write a poem to your beloved alongside the cake. 

3. Strawberry Mousse Cheesecake Parfaits

Who does not LOVE parfaits! Ever since the college days, they are considered to be the go-to dessert. These desserts are so
simple to layer, having so many different options to choose from. What is considered to be special about the recipe is that it is a no-bake cheesecake mix which makes the recipe so easy and yet so delicious!

4. Oreo Cheesecake Cookies

Those pink Oreo cheesecake cookies are just so awesome! It seems like they are screaming Happy Valentine’s Day! Whip up simple six ingredients together and there you go. It is the perfect dessert after Valentine’s Day dinner. You can use some strawberry syrup just to finish off the milk and cookies.

5. The Oreo Truffles Valentines Hearts

Oreo is a multi-specialty cookie. You will just be amazed by the kind of stuff that can be done with this cookie. Making valentines truffles is one more feature. 

6. Valentine Pretzel Buttons 

Many a times you might need to prepare a Valentine’s Day dessert for a little big crowd. In such cases, these bite-size valentines pretzel buttons are believed to be the perfect option. The blend of salty and sweet will surely have everyone craving for more.

7. Copycat Loft house Valentines Cookies

These sugar cookies are said to have the perfect cookie to frosting ratio. Each new bite is much better than the previous bite. They are so addicting because you can’t just have one. 

8. Sweetheart Cinnamon Rolls

Say good morning to your love on Valentine’s Day with these special sweetheart cinnamon rolls! It is a unique way to start breakfast that everyone is sure to love.

9. Valentine’s Day Jello

It is a unique way to present your love with this jello that sets on the sides of the glass and shows your love from within. 

10. Valentine Trifle Dessert

 The is such a crowd pleaser and is easy to make. Just whip up a few ingredients and voila, it's ready. 

So valentines what are you waiting for. Get set to stock up some love for you with these wonderful Valentine's desert recipes.

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