Travel tips for a traveler

Whether you are packing for a weekend beach holiday or traveling abroad, following are some traveling tips you'll ever need for stress-free packing:

 • Make a packing list: Prepare a packing list that includes all things starting from the smallest thing like brush to finances etc.

     Put your Clothes on diet: Clothes should be rolled and vacuum packed. Cub your clothes, fill the dead space.

     • Scale back your shoes while packing:  Reduce the number of shoes while packing. Plan it like one flat, one heel and if you are going for tracking then one pair of sports shoes.

    Take a leave from your toiletries: Use soaps and shampoos provided by the hotel and send your toiletries on leave.

     • How to pack gadgets and food items: Use zip lock bags to pack phone charger, camera charger, headphones etc. Also, use zip lock bags to store dry food items, medicines etc.

     • Spend more time in fewer places: Instead of going from one place to another and hopping choose the visiting places of your interest and plan accordingly.

    • Have more than one way to access your plastic or paper money:  Use the combination of plastic money namely debit card, credit card along with cash.

   How to keep valuables safe: Place your valuables in empty containers, lip balm containers etc to hide your valuables.

     Avoid extra baggage fees: If you are going in flight then weigh  your bags in some luggage scales before entering the airport in order to avoid extra baggage fees.

     • Smarten up your suitcase: To instantly recognize your bag you can decorate it with colorful laces and label it.

     • Be flexible: Don’t be rigid in terms of timings, food etc because you are on a vacation just relax and leave the room for flexibility in your itinerary.

    Blow your budget: Budget may sometimes become an issue when you go for foreign travel destinations. 

     • Know the activities you will be doing: This will help you to decide and pack appropriately if you know the activities you will be doing during the travel.

    Pack good hand luggage with planning: This   will make your traveling easy and make useful things handy easily.

     Remember to be stress-free: It's time to enjoy and let things go in its own way. 

Whenever you are planning a trip to the burnout, recipe is don't try to go everywhere and do everything. Just take a chill pill.

- Utkarsh Ashutosh


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